27 March 2022

MEG Secretary – Committee Vacancy!

Museum Ethnographers Group are a UK-based, but international collective, whose members include:

Museum professionals, academics, researchers & students
artists, activists & enthusiasts

Originally established in 1975, MEG has a long history of bringing individuals, institutions and museum collections together to build knowledge and understanding.

MEG believes that our museums have an important role to play in building understanding, foregrounding respect, and caring for each other. However, this is predicated on institutional and practical changes that we all have a responsibility to work towards. We cannot do this work alone and so we use our platform to support each other, share best practice, and collectively work towards a better future.

MEG is an active interface between museum professionals and university-based researchers and is recognised in the UK museums sector as a key subject-specialist network.

MEG is a volunteer run organisation and we are currently looking for a Secretary to join our Committee from April 2022. The Committee currently consists of:

-          Chair

-          Secretary

-          Treasurer

-          Individual Membership Officer

-          Journal Membership Officer

-          Digital/Web co-ordinator

-          Events Officer

As Secretary, you will take a leadership role in the administration of MEG’s committee. This includes being the main contact with the Charity Commission, and managing the organisation of committee meetings.

Main responsibilities include:

-          Ensuring that annual reports and accounts are submitted to the Charity Commission, and communicating any changes relating to the constitution, organisational structure and committee membership.

-          Being up-to-date on MEG’s constitution and legal responsibilities.

-          Preparing and circulating Annual General Meeting and committee meeting agendas.

-          Taking and circulating AGM and Committee meeting minutes.

-          Submitting to the MEG archive.

-          Attending committee meetings and helping shape the vision and work plan for MEG committee members.

The role would suit someone who:

-          Has some experience of charity law/trusteeship, or has some experience working with the Charity Commission.

-          Has existing, or would like to develop, experience in organisational administration and management.

-          Is passionate about organisational transparency, and would like to help develop centralised document storage and access solutions.

-          Is organised and values attention to detail.

-          Enjoys thinking through and holding conversations about the questions facing the sector, and would like to help drive action and change.


We welcome expressions of interest from across the membership, including early career and graduate students, who can commit for a minimum of 3 years. The role will include some initial shadowing, skills sharing and paid for training.

To apply, or ask any questions, please contact Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp at chair@museumethnographersgroup.org.uk

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