15 January 2021

en/counter/points survey on toolkits - help sought!

 Helen Mears, a researcher at Newcastle University is working on a project which considers the relationship between public space and belonging  The en/counter/points project, funded by HERA, is developing a toolkit to support museum practitioners wishing to explore issues of belonging. Before developing the new resource, they  would like to assess the extent to which museum and heritage practitioners use existing online toolkits and similar resources on any topic and have designed a short survey for this purpose. She asks for your assistance in completing the survey.

For more information regarding toolkits, museums and belonging, please see their summary of existing provision. 

If you have any questions about the survey please contact Helen (helen.mears@newcastle.ac.uk), or about the project please contact Project Leader Susannah Eckersley: susannah.eckersley@newcastle.ac.uk.

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