30 May 2017

Object Lessons Conference

Unlocking the vault: making the most of scientific collections 
Manchester Museum 
26-27th June 2017

Science and natural history collections include objects, specimens, models and illustrations which are a goldmine of useful information and inspiration. They are immensely popular with the public, but are often cared for by non-specialists who can perceive them as difficult to work with. There is a danger that these collections can be forgotten, underused and undervalued. 

Join us for this two day conference looking at the innovative ways in which collections are being used. Speakers from historic collections across Europe will be joining us to discuss best practise in the use of scientific and natural history collections. We will be exploring ways to connect people to collections for greatest impact. 

The conference is part of the programming to support Object Lessons, our upcoming exhibition celebrating the scientific model and illustration collection of George Loudon. The conference is generously supported by Wellcome. 

Book your place on mcrmuseum.eventbrite.com 
or call 0161 275 2648 

RSVP to alia.ullah@manchester.ac.uk 

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