9 May 2017

China Art Research Network (CARN)

CARN brings together art historians, archaeologists, museum and art world professionals who specialise in China and who work on object-based research in disciplines including history, technical art history and conservation. At the core of CARN is research, with an emphasis on a range of materials from Chinese painting to jade carvings. The network was launched March 1, 2016 with a 24-month grant from Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Art and Humanities Networks scheme.
On the website interested parties are able to sign up for membership, where access to the first CARN Newsletter which has abstracts from the first colloquium and other information as well is available. This form under MEMBERSHIP. 

Once a member, information can be sent about events/exhibitions/etc relating to Chinese art. It could be also about new developments in the museum regarding Chinese art.

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