15 May 2017

It’s time for the ICME News Call for Papers again! ICME is the International Committee for Museum Ethnography. We publish a quarterly Newsletter, which contains short reports on projects and exhibitions, a Newsreel, and sometimes short reviews and interviews, reporting on Ethnographic activity in museums around the world.

Please do consider contributing; we accept all sorts of material. Even if you just have a little news to share with us, we can put it in our ‘Newsreel’ feature! This issue will be coming out in July, right in the summertime. So anything summery is particularly welcome. Or perhaps you had a wonderful spring, with some celebrations, and would like to share it with us? Perhaps there is a contemporary contentious issue you would like to reflect upon?

Please contact me to be included, on  jenny.walklate@gmail.com . Please send your contributions by the 9th July. Please send any text as a plain text file, and any images, compressed, separately. Please do not embed images within the text document itself.

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