6 May 2016

Pioneering female fieldworkers: exploring intellectual history of archaeology and anthropology

10th May 2016. 1pm - 6.30 pm
Followed by wine reception
St Cross College, St Cross Room
Following from St Cross talks on the theme of early female fieldworkers in Michaelmas and Hilary terms, this workshop will bring together themes around women’s involvement in early travel-based scholarship. It will consider then educational, social and political background of early female explorers, travellers and fieldworkers along with their experiences in the field and their output and legacy in collections, publications, talks etc. The discussion will explore the need for such studies of women as well as what there is to be gained from studying their often neglected contributions and legacies.
Mrs Janet Howarth, The Research University in England: experiences of early
academic women, c.1890-1930
Dr. David Hopkin, English Women Folklorists in Italy: Cultural and Political Activism
after Unification
Dr. Alice Stevenson, The role of women in the establishment of Egyptian
archaeology 1880-1910
Dr. Sarah Evans, Mapping terra incognita: women on Royal Geographical Society supported expeditions 1913-1970
Dr. Alison Kahn, Collecting time and place: the ethnographic films of Beatrice
Blackwood (1889-1975) and Ursula Graham Bower (1917-1986)
Discussion lead by Dr. Frances Larson and Dr. David Mills.
The attendance at the workshop is free, but places for this session are limited, those
interested in attending should send an email to Jaanika.vider@stx.ox.ac.uk with a few words about their particular interest in the topic. There is also limited number of spaces for the dinner afterwards (at £14) – guests of the College interested in attending the dinner should mention their interest in the email.
 The workshop will be followed by wine reception in the St Cross room from 6.30pm.
Sponsored by St Cross College.

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