6 May 2016

Exhibition: “Dressed as a New Zealander”
Pitt Rivers Museum
21 March – 3 July 2016
Archive Case (First Floor)
Photograph of Ella Monier-Williams taken in July 1866 by Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll). [2012.107.1]
This temporary display highlights an original print by Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), a photograph of eight-year-old Ella Monier-Williams ‘Dressed as a New Zealander’, taken in Oxford in July 1866 and recently acquired by the Museum. The case display examines Dodgson’s staging of the photograph – for which he borrowed objects from the University’s collections – and presents new research findings identifying these objects, which are now in the Pitt Rivers Museum, alongside a number of the objects themselves. Several of the items used as 'props' in the photograph are from the important Forster collection made during Captain James Cook’s famous second voyage to the Pacific.

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