12 April 2013

Plea for details and reviews of electronic media in museums for Journal of Museum Ethnography

An amulet trail using QR codes at the Pitt Rivers Museum 

Electronic media is an increasingly important tool in the museum sector. Websites, interactives, mobile apps and online collections are bringing new publics into museums and creating different and exciting ways of engaging with our collections. As Electronic Media Editor for JME I want to be sure that the journal is providing an accurate view of such developments in ethnographic, anthropology and archaeology museums.

This is therefore a plea for member museums and research projects, as well as individual members to send me details of new digital projects that they are involved in or that they have come across.

Likewise, I would like to hear from members interested in writing reviews. I’m particularly keen to give opportunities to students, but all interested reviewers are welcome.

Please email me with suggestions, thoughts, proposals.
Katy Barrett, kleb2@cam.ac.uk

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