12 April 2013

Opportunity to host exciting touring exhibition

Over a couple of years now, I’ve admired the work of a wonderful organisation called Cultural Heritage without boarders (CHwB, note English language version is available through a language toggle), a Swedish NGO which operates  mainly in the Balkans. Their starting point is that working with cultural heritage helps to strengthen and re-instate a sense of dignity in vulnerable groups, thereby increasing the chances for reconciliation and fighting poverty. Their long term hope is that more international organisations can unite in this work. A year or so ago they worked on an amazing touring exhibition, 1+1: Life and Love – which brought together objects and stories from people across the Balkan region. The process of planning and delivering the exhibition was important in building links between divided communities.
CHwB are keen to bring the exhibition to the UK to use in contexts where it can foster intercultural dialogue, such as community settings. The great news is that Glasgow Refugee Centre, working together with Glasgow’s Open Museum, are planning to host and work with the exhibition this coming summer. The exhibition  is designed to be very flexible so that it can expand or contract to fit the setting. The important thing is that a venue is keen to use it actively as a focus for dialogue, possibly but not necessarily with refugee groups from the Balkans region.
If anyone is interested in hosting this, or knows an organisation that may be, please get in touch with Sally MacDonald or Bojana Simsic 

Sally MacDonald, Director of  UCL Museums and Public Engagement

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