5 October 2020

Ipswich Museum seeks World Art Consultants

Ipswich Museum is seeking consultants to ensure that Ipswich Museum’s important World Cultures Collections are better understood, documented and readily accessible to facilitate use in new displays and decolonisation programme. To contribute towards a smooth, well-documented programme of ‘decanting’ collections in advance of building works.


There are 6 packages of work 

Package 1.        Specialist Overview/ report on the World Cultures Collection as a whole

Package 2.        Improving storage and basic documentation – World Cultures collections from Oceania, Indian sub-continent, North America and elsewhere

Package 3.        Improving storage and basic documentation – African Collections

Package 4.        Collections documentation research

Package 5.        Further specific specialist collections advice

Package 6.        Participation in networks with source communities


Regarding package 6, participation in networks with source communities, it is the intention of Museum Staff that current contacts and work in the previous 5 packages will inform and connect us with the appropriate activity, in particular the consultant should include recommendations of projects and contacts that would be useful to the work they are outlining.

Please contact James Mellish, Heritage Project Manager, Ipswich Borough Council for more information on the roles and the tendering process. 


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