5 November 2019

HASLEMERE EDUCATIONAL MUSEUM: Ethnographic Display Project

 Haslemere Educational Museum has recently received a donation from a charitable trust to upgrade and refurbish its ethnographic display case in the Human History Gallery. This upgrade is an aim of the Museum’s current Forward Plan for Collections Care and Management.

The Museum has a diverse ethnographic collection of about 4,000 objects from around the world, including large collections from Africa and South East Asia. The collection comprises a variety of object types including household goods, personal adornment, textiles, weaponry, tools, religious artefacts, etc. It is an unusual collection for a provincial museum, and some of the objects were collected by the Museum’s founder, Sir Jonathan Hutchinson FRS.

The permanent ethnographic display is presented in a full-height glass-fronted case, which was established almost twenty years ago. It now requires a comprehensive review, refresh of objects, re-display arrangements and improved interpretation. The display case measures 4.5m (length) x 1.8m (height) x 0.6m (depth).

The initial stage of the project will require an assessment of the ethnographic collection, which can be undertaken by a review of the collection database records. This process will highlight areas of interest to focus the selection of objects. The work will also include writing interpretation text and labels, and advising on display mounts and materials. Haslemere Museum wishes to engage the services of an ethnographic consultant to achieve a modern, professional, coherent display using the existing, but refreshed, display case. The Curator, Collections Team and Premises Manager, would support the work and requirements of the consultant during the process of the project. 

Although part of the project would need to be undertaken at the Museum, some of the work could be done remotely.

Please contact Haslemere Museum for further details:

Julia Tanner
Haslemere Educational Museum
78 High Street
GU27 2LA
01428 642112

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