10 April 2019

MEG Committee posts

We need people to put themselves forward for two Committee posts, Secretary and Membership Officer. 

MEG is run by a committee elected by members at the AGM. There will be two vacancies falling due this year.   If you would like to be more involved in MEG we would be happy to hear from you.  All that is needed is an enthusiasm for museum ethnography, knowledge and concerns for the issues affecting the sector and a willingness to be involved. 

The MEG Committee can have eight elected members, and the Committee can co-opt an additional three members.  We meet three times a year, usually in London.  Members without institutional support can claim expenses for attending meetings.

Of the current Committee, the Chair, Treasurer, Events Officer and Web Officer all continue their term of office and are not up for election or re-election this year, ditto two committee members.

Due to work pressures, the Secretary and Membership Officer are standing down, so replacements are needed.  Polly Bence will take over as interim Membership Officer, but we do need a Secretary and a Membership Officer.

The Committee has these two elected vacancies to fill.  Any volunteers, please?  Both are vital to the running of MEG.  The posts are for a three-year term in the first instance, with the Secretary being eligible for two further terms if they are willing, and the Membership Officer for a further one term.

There are two proposals for the Committee – Adam Jaffer and Sushma Jansari.  Neither can take on the officer roles at the moment, which should be elected, so it is proposed that they be co-opted for a three-year term.

MEG relies on members to keep it running and keep it relevant, so please consider putting yourself forward. 

sue giles
Chair MEG

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