17 September 2018

Tibetan Materialities and Cultural Economies

University of Copenhagen, November 2, 2018  

This one-day workshop seeks to engage with a seeming resurgence of interest in Tibetan materialities by inviting papers to discuss the topic of Tibetan materiality and cultural economy, without necessarily privileging Buddhist frameworks. We welcome papers from scholars working in Tibetan contexts within or outside the geographical boundaries of Tibet, and who would like to engage in interdisciplinary discussions about materialities and economies. We imagine papers addressing topics like heritage economy, sustainable tourism, encounters between different kinds of economies, digitalization and 3D-printing of Tibetan heritage, museums without objects, (challenging) the post-colonial museum, repatriation, as well as the mass-production, branding, authenticity and profit of marketing Tibetan culture.

The workshop Tibetan Materialities and Cultural Economies is hosted by the Centre for Contemporary Buddhist Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information, visit their blog

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