14 June 2017

MEG Event: Textiles Study Day

10am – 4pm, September 29th 2017

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

Brighton Museum have recently created a new collection of post 1960’s African dress and textiles, with the help of the Heritage Lottery Collecting Cultures Fund. The ‘Fashioning Africa’ collection provides new perspectives on the museum’s historic collection and documents changing practices, enduring traditions and new innovations in fashion and textile production on the continent.

MEG members are invited to come and view the new collection, share skills and knowledge, and explore how to identify textile techniques and practices both from Africa and further afield.  As such this event will be of interest to curators and specialists working with a broad range of textile material, not only those from Africa.

The event will be hosted by the World Art team at Brighton Museum and two invited specialists in the field; Dr GillianVogelsang-Eastwood, Textile and Dress Historian and Director of the Textile Research Centre, Leiden and Dr.Nicola Stylianou, African Textile Specialist, Collecting Panel Member for the ‘Fashioning Africa’ project and Post-Doctoral Researcher for the ‘South Coast Cosmopolitanism: Collections, Connections, Diversities’, The University of Sussex.

The first half of the day will include presentations introducing the Fashioning Africa project and collections, and the specialist’s current work. After lunch will be a hands-on session with the collection, exploring techniques and practices with the specialists and staff.

This event is a partnership event with Brighton Museum and the Museum Ethnographers Group, the event and lunch are free, but places are limited.

Curator of World Art at Brighton Museum and MEG events Officer.


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