13 March 2017

China Art Research Network (CARN)

Do you work in a museum or a collection, which contains Chinese material? CARN is initiating a research project ‘Mapping Chinese Objects/Collections in the UK’. In addition to the well-known collections of Chinese art, we are aiming to find Chinese material in unlikely places.

CARN has been established to facilitate access to material in object-based research disciplines such as art history and archaeology. This is significant, as there are extensive and often under-researched collections containing Chinese art/objects in the UK. It will provide a platform for art historians, archaeologists, museum and art world professionals who specialise in China and who work on object-based research in disciplines including history, technical art history and conservation.

To find out more, please visit the website. You do not need to be a specialist of Chinese material culture or art: everyone who deals with Chinese material in their everyday work is invited to join CARN membership. This will give you access to the CARN Newsletter in the first instance and in future CARN will be a resource for finding out about Chinese art and for connecting with specialists in the field.

CARN has received funding from Royal Society Edinburgh (RSE) to launch it’s activities which include colloquia, newsletter and website. CARN leader, Principal Investigator, is Dr Minna Törmä, Lecturer in Chinese Art at University of Glasgow; for further information, contact minnakatriina.torma@glasgow.ac.uk  

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