7 November 2016

Call for Papers: Museological Review, Issue 21: Museums and Partnership

Submission Deadline: 1700 GMT, Monday 5 December 2016

Museological Review (MR) is a peer-reviewed journal, published annually, by the community of PhD students of the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester, UK. It is aimed at graduated Masters students, PhD students and early career researchers from around the world and from any museum-related discipline. It is a forum for the exchange of museological ideas and for the development of academic skills.
Museological Review Issue 21 takes as its theme the concept of Partnership. Today organisations across the cultural and heritage sectors are actively encouraged to work more creatively, especially in partnership with other institutions, organisations and businesses. How can such work shape, enhance, develop or alter the nature of the museum in the 21st century? How do partnerships realign or repurpose the boundaries of what a museum is? And how do they implicate the museum in cultural, political and ethical debates?
This call for papers welcomes submissions on the theme of partnership, addressing, but not limited to, the following questions:

How can museums work creatively with other organisations in order to amplify and strengthen their work?
How can allied sectoral professions such as libraries and archives help shape the role of museums in today’s society?
How do museums demonstrate their relevance to society through both typical and atypical partnerships?
How can museums respond to issues of social diversity and social justice through partnership working?
How can museums balance issues of risk and reward in the development of their partnerships?
How can museums address the ethical implications of working with new and diverse partners?
How can partnerships contribute to establishing legacy in museums?
How might partnerships shape the very nature of what a museum is, and how might this contribute to what the future museum looks like?

There are a number of ways to engage with Museological Review this year.
Written Submissions
The editors welcome submissions of academic articles (maximum 5,000 words). We also encourage creative and alternative formats including exhibition or book reviews (maximum 1,000 words).

Visual Submissions
The editors welcome visual submissions comprising a single image which depicts the theme of partnership with museums. The image can be manipulated and edited. A title and a short caption of 150 words or less should enhance the message but the image must be able to communicate on its own merit. Visual submissions must be original work. Any identifiable persons depicted must agree to allow their image to be published. Please submit your image as a .jpeg or .tif file to a resolution of 600 dpi. Please submit your caption in a Microsoft Word document.

Question & Answer
This year there is a single Question to which Answers are encouraged. In up to 250 words, please provide a critical opinion to the question:

What kinds of partnerships are appropriate or not appropriate for museums to engage with?
Please include your current professional and/or academic status (for example, curator, freelance, researcher) and the country in which you work. If you prefer your contribution to remain anonymous, please clearly state this in your submission.

The editorial team will contact authors in January 2017. The editorial process (peer review and editing) of those accepted submissions will take place from January to April 2017. Final publication decisions will be made after the peer review and editing process. The issue is due to be available from the Museological Review web page by June 2017. 

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