5 July 2016

East meets West: Understanding and sharing traditional ship models in Western collections

As a result of the overseas trading contacts in the 19th and 20th Century between western European countries and China many ship models of junks and other traditional vessels found their way into public and private collections. The authentic models represent the rich and intriguing maritime history of China and serve as a source of knowledge, inspiration and public admiration.
In order to better understand these models the initiating museums aim to make an inventory of contemporary traditional Chinese ship models in western European collections and to produce an academic and art-historical valuation, resulting in a traveling exhibition and catalogue. Does your museum hold relevant Chinese ship models? Please join the project and learn more about the traditional Chinese ships and shipping.

Initiating Museums: China Maritime Museum (Shanghai/Peoples Republic of China), Institute of Ancient Chinese Ships (Shanghai/Peoples Republic of China),  MAS/Museum aan de Stroom (Antwerp/Belgium), Maritime Museum Rotterdam (the Netherlands).
Collaborating Museums: National Maritime Museum (London/Great Britain), National Museum of Ethnography (Leiden/the Netherlands), Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam/the Netherlands). 
Contact Address:
Maritime Museum Rotterdam
PO box 988
3000 AZ Rotterdam
The Netherlands
National Maritime Museum (London/Great Britain)
National Museum of Ethnology (Leiden/the Netherlands)
Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam/the Netherlands)


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