22 July 2015

Dr Bawtree missing artefacts...

My name is Michael Borsk and I am a third year history major studying at the University of Toronto. I'm currently working at Awenda Provincial Park on the shores of Georgian Bay as the Natural Heritage Education Department's Cultural Heritage Specialist.

In the course of our research, I came across an early 19th century report from a Doctor Bawtree, who excavated some Huron ossuaries around Awenda. In the foot note of his report on his findings, he notes that these specimens are destined for the Fort Pitt Museum. Among them are a collection of pipe and pottery fragments, a conch shell, and rusted sword. In attempting to locate these artefacts, I read an article from the 1985, No. 17 Newsletter by the Museum Ethnographers Group addressing the location for these specimens. While they had not yet been found in 1985, I am wondering if they resurfaced in the past 30 years and if any of your members may know their whereabouts. We currently have Dr. Bawtree's watercolour sketches of his findings, but we would like to get images of the artefacts themselves to add to the Park's archives.

If any MEG members can help with this enquiry, please contact Michael direct via


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