7 April 2015

NatSCA Conference: Museums unleashed: using traditional and social media to communicate collections

Museums Unleashed intends to provide a way for collections-focussed staff to become more comfortable and better informed about dealing with digital and traditional media
Engaging wider audiences with collections is a key objective for many museums and
digital and traditional media provide powerful tools for doing this, but the ways in which new technologies can be used to make collections more accessible in a meaningful way can be difficult to appreciate for the uninitiated. 

Even for those who are familiar with using digital media, there are discussions to be had about using them more effectively and avoiding some of their pitfalls.

The conference is organised by NatSCA and draws on the experience of media professionals from the BBC, journalists, digital media specialists and collections staff from a variety of disciplines who will share their experiences and some helpful hints. 

The content of many of the talks is in reference to natural science collections, however the theme of getting collections out there to wider audiences may also be of interest to curators from across different subject specialisms.

To find out more information including how to book and a full programme, visit the NatSCA website. 

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