4 November 2014

A new gallery at the Powell-Cotton Museum

Photography by Nikhilesh Havel

Since June 2013 Project Managers, Keiko Higashi and Sarah Brown have been transforming Gallery 6 into an interactive space where anyone can be a researcher, and gain a greater understanding of the museums founder, Percy Powell-Cotton. One of the key aspects of the space is to house their unique Handling Collection of over 700 objects ranging from skulls, musical instruments, costumes and lots of taxidermy birds. Visitors are able to touch, study and play with these precious objects, and understand why Percy Powell-Cotton became such a keen naturalist and lover of different cultures.

Guest speaker Errol Fuller, photography by Manu Palomeque

photography by Manu Palomeque
On 24 October, the Powell-Cotton Museum launched Gallery 6 with 500 guests attending. Guest speaker Errol Fuller gave a great speech about the importance of experiencing through touch. “It is one thing to stand before a glass museum case and imagine things about the items within, but it is quite another to be able to take hold of those things and actually handle them. And I believe that first-hand experience of touching real objects is a great stimulus to creating a lifelong interest.” Errol Fuller

Gallery 6 re-opened to the public on Saturday 25 to kick start October half term. The museum has already had a great response from the public who are rediscovering the collection in new ways.

The fact that you trust your visitors to handle and explore the wonderful artefacts on offer is so appreciated. The awe and wonder of opening the drawers and cabinets like a 'real explorer' had my little girl in raptures. She spent 20 minutes playing African drums, she looked through a microscope, touched lots of the stuffed animals and handled the skulls. All the volunteers and staff are wonderful and so pro children which is just a weight off any parents mind. This gallery has been designed to entertain and educate all ages.” Karen Rockall.

School children enjoying the displays photography by Powell-Cotton Museum 

Keiko Higashi
Project Manager, Powell Cotton-Museum

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