26 August 2014

Call for seminar papers - The Travellers’ Tails Seminars: Exploration

The National Maritime Museum are hosting a series of seminars in autumn 2014 on the theme of exploration to investigate the histories, practices and interpretation of art, science and exploration from the Enlightenment to the present day. The series forms part of the Travellers’ Tails project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Art Fund.

9 October 2014: Lost in Translation
How are the experiences and the material culture of exploration translated for those back at ‘home’?

How have new places and frameworks of knowledge been introduced to Western societies?
20 November 2014: Finding voices and re-shaping
How might established narratives of exploration be accommodated within modern interpretations?

To what extent and with what effect did indigenous peoples contribute to the making and dissemination of European knowledge?
4 December 2014: Empire and the museum
How and with what effects is Empire represented in museums?

How can historical and contemporary exploration be documented and displayed to ensure other voices are included?
29 January 2015: Arts and science: an enlightened approach
How does bringing together the arts and sciences add to the interpretation of exploration?

Where were the cross-overs between the arts and sciences historically, how are they viewed today and why?
Proposals of no longer than 250 words, for presentations of 20 minutes, should be sent to research@rmg.co.uk by no later than Friday, 5 September 2014. We welcome submissions for papers and less-formal presentations from academics, curators, artists and other specialists in the fields. Proposals from postgraduate students and early career scholars are encouraged.

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