3 April 2012

Open Culture 2012: Collections Trust Annual Conference

26th and 27th June
The Kia Oval, London 

For more information, please visit www.collectionslink.org.uk/openculture2012 

The event comprises a two-day conference and associated exhibition.

Topics include: 
  • audience development
  • digitisation, 
  • storage, 
  • standards, 
  • environmental management

Sessions which MEG members may be particularly interested in include:

26th June – Opening Up Our Cultural Heritage – Steve Crossan (Google Cultural Institute), Bill Thompson, (BBC) & Alan Payne, (Deep Visuals, formerly of Kodak European Research)

Digital, social and mobile technologies have unmatched potential to articulate a new role for libraries, museums, and archives. Three leading figures in the field will explore key issues including:  What role does openness play in delivering new kinds of cultural value? Can new ways of using cultural content create immersive experiences for audiences?  How best can digital culture be brought to an audience of billions?

27th June: Significance, Relevance and Resilience – Caroline Reed (Consultant), Prof. Janet  Ulph (University of Leicester), Jonathan Wallis (Derby City Museum), Sarah Paul (CyMAL)

The long-term future of libraries, museums, and archives depends on delivering services that are relevant, meaningful, educational and inspiring to the widest possible audience. There is an ethical obligation to work with audiences and communities to ensure decisions are open, democratic and genuinely driven by user need. The session will look back at work achieved in making Collections Management more democratic and representative, and encourage delegates to think about future strategies to ensure their collections remain relevant.

Prices start from £220 for a single day or you can attend the trade fair for free. There are also group rates available – please e-mail events@collectionstrust.org.uk for more information. To book for OpenCulture 2012, please visit http://www.collectionslink.org.uk/book-now

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