5 October 2011

The Jonathan Ruffer Curatorial Grants Programme

New Art Fund grants programme - 

£50,000 p.a. for curatorial development

The programme has been created to help curators working with fine and applied art collections maintain and develop their specialist knowledge and expertise. £50,000 will be available annually for grants to help meet the costs of, for example:

·         Travel and accommodation
·         Training courses/programmes of study
·         Books and subscriptions to add to a museum’s research resources or library
·         Translation, transcription and other similar services
·         Temporary administrative cover to enable time away from work to undertake research.

In order to allow the programme to meet its goals, it is important that as many as possible of the organisations which might benefit from it are made aware of its existence and of the new funds available to support their curators. Further information relating to the programme, including details of grant amounts, eligibility and how to apply, can be found at the following address: http://www.artfund.org/grants/the-jonathan-ruffer-curatorial-grants-programme

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